Imerys Group

本   社: フランス パリ

従 業 員: 約16,000人(50カ国)

業 務 内 容: 鉱産物による専門的ソリューション、鉱産物原料、機能性添加剤、

売   上: €3,885M(2012年)


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 エナジーソリューションズ&スペシャリティーズ  Energy Solutions & Specialties
  comprised of Carbonates, Monolithic Refractories, Graphite & Carbon and Oilfield Solutions
  World #1 in minerals for breathable polymer films
World #2 in ground calcium carbonate (GCC) for paper
World #1 in alumino-silicate monolithic refractories
World #1 in graphite for alkaline batteries
World #1 in conductive additives for Li-Ion batteries
World #1 in lubricants for seamless tube protection
World #1 for large natural graphite flakes
 ろ過剤・機能材  Filtration & Performance Additives
  made up of the Kaolins and Performance Minerals & Filtration Group's activities
  World #1 in kaolin for paper
World #1 in talc for plastics, paints, paper, ceramics, health & beauty
World #1 in mica
World #1 in mica for engineered plastics and high performance coatings
World #1 in diatomite-based products
World #1 in diatomite-based products and perlite-based products for filtration
 セラミックス  Ceramic Materials
  comprised of Building Materials, Minerals for Ceramics and Kiln Furniture
  French #1 for clay roof tiles
French #1 for natural slates
World #1 in raw materials & ceramic bodies
World #1 in kaolin for fiberglass
World #1 in kiln furniture for roofing tiles
 ハイレジスタンスミネラルズ  High Resistance Minerals
  comprised of Fused Minerals and Refractory Minerals
  World #1 in fused silica
World #1 in fused minerals for abrasives
World #1 in fused zirconia
World #1 in alumino-silicate minerals for refractories